I began blowing glass at Washington U in St Louis in 2001.  Enrollment
in the first class was a lucky fluke. Before the first class even
began, I flipped thru a book of Venetian glass patterns.  I was
enthralled.  I could not stop thinking about these patterns. I soon realized I had an uphill battle controlling the lines for the desired effect. With a patient and meticulous approach, I have studied the
material and the ways my body moves. Both knowledges are integral to
have an awareness about what I can and cannot (or maybe don’t want to) control.

The forms I make are containers for bold and hopefully
mesmerizing patterns. Using traditional Italian and Swedish techniques, each piece is one of a kind and can not be replicated. The themes and colors can certainly be revisited and reinterpreted. 

I moved from St Louis to Spruce Pine NC in 2014. I work in a
studio in Bakersville NC with my best friend and partner Amber
Marshall. You can view her modern sculptures at AmberMarshallGlass.com

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below, some patterns and scenes from the studio…